Coyote Moon Coffee K-Cups

$20.00 /box of 18

Enjoy fresh roasted Coyote Moon Coffee in convenient K-Cups®.
All of our roasts are available in K-cups now.


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Product Description

Freshly roasted and packed by Coyote Moon Coffee.
Coyote Moon Coffee K-cups are compatible with newer and older Keurig style systems.
Each K-cup has a specific grind size and amount to ensure the ultimate flavor.

Taste the difference in our K-cups.  We actually achieve the SCA’s (Specialty Coffee Associations) qualifications for their “Golden Cup Standard”.

(K-cups is a Registered Trademark of the Keurig company and Coyote Moon Coffee is not affiliated with them).


Additional Information


House Blend – Lush & Rich, Breakfast Blend – Vibrant Medium Roast, Decaf Blend – Mountain Water Process, Sun, Moon & Stars – Dark Roast Blend, Raging River – Dark Roast Blend, Perfect Sunset Decaf – Dark Roast Blend, Dark Energy – Dark Roast Blend, Bark & Howl – Dark Roast Blend, Columbia – Medium-Dark Roast, Tanzania Peaberry – Medium-Dark Roast, Peru – Medium-Dark Roast, Ethiopia – Medium-Dark Roast, Brazil – Medium-Dark Roast, Sumatra – Medium Roast, Rwanda – Medium Roast, Guatemala – Medium Roast, Costa Rica – Medium Roast


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