At Coyote Moon Coffee,
we take Artisan coffee roasting
to new heights.

After searching for a great cup of coffee and not finding it, we decided to tirelessly research and pursue our passion in this quest for the perfect cup. We believe that Coyote Moon Coffee, with its clean, rich and never bitter taste, is that coffee.

How did we do this?

Great question! Our founder traveled near and far to learn the nuances of the world’s roasting methods from California to various locales in Europe. These methods were not trends, but proven techniques to extract the most from each bean. At Coyote Moon Coffee, we still use these methods today.

The Coyote Moon Coffee process begins by inspecting and selecting beans for superior quality from some of the best importers and coffee growing regions in the world. Upon delivery, our beans are immediately inspected and cupped, and then stored in a climate controlled environment. This process is critical in delivering an artisan roasted coffee that maintains its flavorful characteristics. In fact, if this storage is not done correctly, you can never recover the natural flavors.

Medium Roasts

Medium-Dark Roasts

Darker Roasts and Breakfast Blends